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Alcohol Vendor Training

City of Duluth Alcohol Awareness Training

duluth_logo01_2The City of Duluth and GUIDE, Inc. (Gwinnett United in Drug Education) have collaborated to create a new alcohol vendor and alcohol handler training to ensure that everyone who serves and/or sells alcohol does so responsibly. The City of Duluth’s leaders passed a new ordinance which mandates alcohol vendor/handler training. This training will provide a review of laws and penalties, and at the same time equip participants with the knowledge of how to manage certain situations they may face. The penalties for serving to underage youth, intoxicated patrons and other specific laws are not only stiff, but can have a direct impact on our community’s health, safety and wellness.

This is the first mandatory alcohol vendor and alcohol handler training in Gwinnett County. GUIDE applauds The City of Duluth for its leadership, foresight and focus in working towards creating a safer and healthier community.

The exact wording of the new ordinance can be found on the City of Duluth Website, under City Code of Ordinances, Ordinance of Chapter 3 Alcoholic Beverages: Sec 3-215 Training Required for Issuance of Licenses (page 20).

Click here for the City of Duluth, Code of Ordinances

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