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Policy and Advocacy

Social Hosting Laws

Social Hosting Laws differ in counties and municipalities in Georgia.  It is important for parents to realize that having parties with alcohol present at their homes is against the law.  Georgia PTA has created a statement on social hosting and the need to reduce acceptance of it.  We continue to advocate for a stricter enforcement and an increase in penalties to those who choose to serve alcohol to minors in their homes.


Tobacco Excise Tax

GUIDE is a part of a state-wide work-group addressing the current extremely low excise tax (39 cents per pack compared to a national average of $1.37 per pack).  The state-wide group developed and distributed an informational piece about the impact on our state to the counties and the Legislators in the 2010 legislative session.  We will continue to advocate for an increase in the tobacco excise tax.


Tobacco Free Babies

The Tobacco Free Babies Campaign explains the importance of reducing pre-natal and infant/child exposure to secondhand smoke.

pdf Tobacco Free Babies Brochure

Alcohol Excise Tax

Studies have shown that higher cost of alcohol beverages will decrease the use and abuse of alcohol by underage drinkers.  We support through advocacy the raising of the excise tax.

Mandatory Alcohol Vendor Training

Gwinnett County and its municipalities have not had a mandatory alcohol vendor training policy or an ordinance until August 6th, 2010.  The City of Duluth Council passed an ordinance to mandate alcohol vendor/handler/server Alcohol Awareness Training.  GUIDE salutes the City of Duluth for it’s leadership in taking this very important step and being the FIRST municipality in Gwinnett County to mandate training for alcohol vendors, servers and handlers.  The trainings were developed with collaboration between the City of Duluth and GUIDE, Inc.  The Alcohol Awareness Trainings began in October 2010.

City of Duluth Alcohol Awareness Training

Georgia Gwinnett College Initiative

GGC has established many positive policies such as an alcohol free campus and dorms.  The administration has also focused on creating numerous alternative activities throughout the week and nights for the students to prevent and reduce alcohol, tobacco or other drug use.  GUIDE continues to collaborate and provide materials/resources for the college while also sharing the research of model programs for alcohol and other drug prevention on college campuses.

Programs and Services

Compliance Checks – This is when a police officer visits a number of alcohol vendors in a three hour time, using an underage decoy to see if the business will sell beer and/or alcohol to the minor.  If the business sells alcohol to the minor, the officer will give the business a citation.   At present time we have a 92% compliance rate in Gwinnett County, which means that during the year, only 8% of businesses sold to the underage decoy.  The high compliance rate is a direct result of the great collaboration with the Police Department and their continual support in assuring that vendors are held responsible for not selling to underage youth.

Resource Center – GUIDE provides local agencies with alcohol, tobacco, and other drug (ATOD) specific materials to share with their clients.  These materials are available to those in Gwinnett County or with permission will be shared with others.  Some of the resources include the Alcohol Parent Discussion Card (available in both English and Spanish) and the Tobacco Free Babies Brochure.