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About Us

GUIDE, Inc. (Gwinnett United In Drug Education)

GUIDE, Inc. (Gwinnett United in Drug Education, Inc.) is a non-profit community-based substance abuse prevention agency that has been serving Gwinnett County since 1986. GUIDE originated as a joint effort by the Gwinnett County Board of Education and the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners to assure an on-going, concentrated and comprehensive approach to substance abuse prevention in Gwinnett. Since then, GUIDE's services have expanded to also include the metropolitan Atlanta region and the entire state of Georgia.

GUIDE's services, programs and major initiatives have evolved over time, based on current prevention research, local needs and available resources. A primary area of focus continues to be school-aged children and youth, although services are also provided for adults.

What Does GUIDE Provide?

Major Initiatives:

  • Gwinnett Mobilizing for Change in Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs is a community organizing initiative focusing primarily on reducing underage alcohol, tobacco and other drug use.
  • Drug Free Communities, with representatives from law enforcement, public health, business, government, parents, youth and alcohol vendors, plans and implements strategies to reduce underage commercial and social access to alcohol.
  • Youth Leadership and Action which supports the Gwinnett Youth Advisory Board and Youth Action Teams in schools and other community venues that plan and implement community service and peer-focused health promotion campaigns that encourage positive social norms. Over 30 Youth Action Teams have been started in Gwinnett by this program.
  • Georgia Teen Institute is a youth leadership program that provides training and year round follow-up for Youth Action Teams in Gwinnett and throughout Georgia. This program that began in 1989, currently works with approximately 40 teams around the state.

Other Services:

  • Resource Lending Library: DVDs, videos, manuals, research and other materials related to substance abuse prevention and positive youth development
  • Public Awareness Campaigns and Community Education: speakers, displays and media campaigns on topics related to substance abuse prevention, positive youth development and community development
  • Prevention Consultation: technical assistance in planning successful prevention strategies
  • Professional Development Opportunities: training events for adults who work with youth or who work in the prevention field

All of the major initiatives address risk and protective factors, positive youth development and building Gwinnett's prevention community. Research studies have documented the community, school, family and individual conditions that increase the probability that youth will make healthy, pro-social choices rather than those that compromise their health and well-being. GUIDE's youth initiatives operationalize these findings for Gwinnett and incorporate prevention programs considered effective and research-based. Community initiatives focus specifically on substance use and abuse, with emphasis on reducing underage use of tobacco and alcohol and promoting smoke-free indoor air.